Sometimes one can be overwhelmed with flavor descriptors and characteristics of certain coffees. That's why we created Warrior, a coffee that is easy to brew and versatile enough to produce enjoyable cups no matter how you brew it.


Warrior has a blend flexible enough to outperform an espresso but enjoyable enough for pour overs. Strawberry, hazelnut, honey, and chocolate dominate the cup and are perfect for milk-based drinks.


We recommend using your preferred coffee roasting method to experience the best flavors from our specialty coffee. For exceptional taste, we recommend using filtered water brewed to 201 degrees Fahrenheit at a ratio ranging from 15 ml:1 gram to 18 ml:1 gram coffee.


Originated in Mexico and produced by Pecora 19º09´ for Tepito Coffee Roasters. 


Net Weight 12 oz (340g)

Tepito Coffee - Warrior - Medium + Espresso - Dynamic Honey Whole Bean Coffee

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