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homeboy industries

What began in 1988 as a way of improving the lives of former gang members in East Los Angeles has evolved into the largest gang intervention, rehab and re-entry program in the world. Each year, Homeboy Industries welcomes thousands of people through their doors seeking to transform their lives. Whether joining their 18-month employment and re-entry program or seeking discrete services such as tattoo removal or substance abuse resources, Homeboy Industries’ clients are embraced by a community of kinship and offered a variety of free wraparound services to facilitate healing and growth. In addition to serving almost 7,000 members of the immediate Los Angeles community, their flagship 18-month employment and re-entry program has been offered to over 500 men and women. To learn more visit


PECORA 19º09´

Pecora 19º09´ has been producing coffee for over 20 years and become one of the world’s premier coffee companies. Located in ​Veracruz, México, Pecora 19º09´ has spent the last 10 years experimenting with more sustainable coffee processing protocols and exploring honey processed beans. After going through white, red, yellow and even black honey coffees, Pecora 19º09´ found the conditions and exact protocol to develop true authenticity. Dynamic honey has become their signature processing, where microorganisms that live in the coffee fields are preserved and used to control the rate of fermentation in the coffees. Fruits, spices, flowers and a wide range of pleasant acidity distinguish their unique coffees. To learn more visit

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